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Download Android 11 Gapps For All Custom ROMS


Android 11 (or more commonly known as Android R) is the next big release and the second major version of the popular Android mobile operating system. Alphabetical version names, including Android R for Android devices, were discontinued after Android 10; so the OS became automatically labeled as “Android R”.

Since it is a major upgrade, this new version has many more additions than previous versions, and Android users will definitely be pleased with the new features and upgrades to Android R. This new version brings several new features including Google Play services, Google’s latest app, and Google’s latest privacy policy.

With Google Play services, you get all of your Google applications installed on your device as well as Google Play games and other Google apps such as YouTube. You can also install the Google Play Store and Google apps, which are already pre-installed on most Android devices. The Google Play Store has hundreds of thousands of apps available from both Google and other third party companies.

However, if you want a specific application, you can go to the Google Play Store’s Application Search. The applications are listed alphabetically, with the newest ones being at the top. You can select the one that you need and download the application to your Android device.

Google’s privacy policy has been improved to comply with the European Union’s new Privacy Shield agreement. This means Android users’ personal information is more protected as well. Android users can also now choose to receive push notifications from their Gmail account whenever new emails arrive in the inbox. Google Play Services will help you manage your apps, display the latest news, and offer various search options.

Download Android 11 Gapps For All Custom ROMS

Some of the new Android devices now include an accelerometer, allowing users to get started more quickly when they start walking, running, or just playing a game. In addition to these two new features, Android R also contains a new set of security enhancements. It includes a new permission manager, enhanced permissions, and a system-wide security update.

What is GApps?

Gapps is the short form of Google Apps which is a set of applications of Google. It is not necessary to install but it provides many features and application support that is required for daily use.

Why Gapps is Needed?

When we flash a custom ROM in an Android device, the operating system is designed to be smaller in size and also keeping in mind “users choice”. Here, Gapps comes for the rescue for those users who want to synchronize their Google account. Gapps also install the core applications from Google such as the Google framework, Play Store, Contacts, etc.

Download Android 11 GApps (Flashable)

Gapps for Android 11 package includes the basic applications from Google such as the Google Play Services, Calendar, Contacts, Gmail, Photos, Drive, YouTube, Google Play Store, and much more.

  • Download Gapps 11 flashable zip

How to Install Android 11 GApps

If you have installed the Android 11 Beta GSI on your Android smartphone then you must install Android 11 Gapps in order to run the core applications of Google. You must have a custom recovery installed on your device in order to flash the Android Gapps 11 package.

  • Turn off your device and boot into Recovery mode.
  • Go to Install > Navigate to the folder where the Android 11 Gapps package is saved.
  • Flash the Gapps package and then clear Dalvik/Cache.
  • Reboot to the system and follow the instructions for setting up your Google account.

Download Android 11 GApps (GSI)

This method is the only working one at the moment. If you have installed Android 11 GSI on your Android device then you must download the following Android 11 Gapps and install it.

Download Google Apps (GApps) for Android 11 GSI

The latest Google Play services 20.06.15 beta should work on the latest Android 11 GSI.

How to Install Android 11 GApps (GSI)

To install Android 11 Gapps, you must first have Android 11 GSI (Generic System Image) for Project Treble installed on your device. Once you are on the newly installed Android 11 operating system you must turn off your device and boot to custom recovery mode.

  • Navigate to the download folder of your device.
  • Select the Google Play Services APK and install it.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen and allow the permissions.
  • Once the installation is complete, click Open.


Android 11 beta was released earlier this year and still many developers are working on Android 10. We expect a flashable Android 11 Gapps to be released later this year. In the meanwhile, you can install the Google Play Services and utilize the application for testing purpose only.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is Gapps Package?

A. If you want Google applications and services to work on your Android phone then you need Gapps.

Q. Is Gapps legal?

A. Gapps is legal and can be installed on any Android device.

Q. Can I install Gapps on Huawei?

A. Yes, you can install Google Applications on a Huawei smartphone.

Q. Is Gapps free?

A. Yes, Gapps is free.

Q. What are OpenGapps?

A. OpenGapps provide various packages of Gapps for Android devices for free.

Q. Can I install Gapps on iPhone?

A. No, Gapps is designed for Android OS only.

Other Versions of Gapps

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