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What Does ROM Stand For In Custom ROMS for Android


Many of us have come across the term ROM in computers, medicals sciences, and other fields. The question that arises in our minds is that “What does ROM stand for in Android”? Well, the answer to this question is very simple and we will come to know in this article.

Before we learn the full form of ROM in custom ROM, we must first learn what it is about and why do we require a custom ROM in our Android device, and in the meanwhile, we will come to know about it.

When we purchase an Android smartphone or a tablet, the device’s system partition is Read-Only. When the device is rooted then we can change it to Re-Writable or R/W.

What Does ROM Stand For?

Custom ROMs are Custom user build Read Only Memories that most of the time comes with root privileges. The ROM acronym in custom ROM is “Read Only Memory“.

What is a ROM?

In layman’s terms, a ROM is an operating system that is built to run on your device with some basic applications and features such as contacts, dialer, calendar, camera, etc.

One of the added benefits of using an Android smartphone is that it can be run by some third-party operating systems like LineageOS, HavocOS, etc and it is not just limited to the stock ROM. Custom ROMS replaces the stock ROM on an Android device that is more enhanced and tweaked for providing better performance and battery life.


Android Open Source Program or AOSP is an open-source code of Android that is developed by Google. AOSP aims at delivering a pure Android Stock User Experience with minimal applications pre-built for daily usage. Many developers take the codes of AOSP and build their custom ROMS with some extra features, applications, tweaks, and other modifications. Some of the examples of AOSP based ROMS are Resurrection Remix, AOSiP, Pixel Experience ROM, etc.

Advantages of custom ROMs

System upgrade for older smartphones: In only many instances you might have noticed that your device has stopped receiving the regular updates. These updates include the monthly security patches from Android and some extra features. With custom ROM you get regular updates and also you can request new features from the ROM developer. Custom ROMs generally uses the latest AOSP codes from Android that keeps your ROM up-to-date on the newest version of Android. It is not difficult for the developers to maintain the ROM updated.

The smartphone is faster: Using a custom ROM on an Android-based smartphone works faster than the stock ROM. In a custom ROM, almost all the bloat wares from the manufacturer are removed, such as themes, applications, etc which makes the ROM lighter and faster. This also saves the internal storage of the device and lets the device perform better.

Customization options: Custom ROMS gives you the ability to customize your operating system with beautiful themes, modules, tweaks, and much more.

You have root privileges: Root access is the process or function through which you gain total control of your device. With stock ROM you are limited to access the core functions and directories of your device. Root access lets you explore the hidden features of your device and install some mind-blowing modules and tweaks.

Disadvantages of custom ROMs

While custom ROMS provides better performance, stability, and battery backup over the original firmware. You must also learn about the disadvantages of using custom ROMS.

Warranty is void: Installing a custom ROM requires unlocking the bootloader of the device. Many manufacturers do not support unlocking the bootloader of their products. However, nowadays some companies allow unlocking the bootloader of their devices with the warranty intact.

Needs technical skills:  Custom ROMS requires both basic technical skills of a computer and smartphone. You need to know the command line or DOS on Windows/Linux. Although, there are tutorials and guides for installing custom ROM by the author/developer on their websites.

No Google Apps or Gapps: Most of the custom ROMS are compiled without Google services such as Google Play Store, Contacts, Google Framework. For such ROMS you need to flash additional Gapps services on your device.


Now you have come to know what ROM stands for in Android and also got the information on custom ROMS and AOSP based ROMS for Android. We hope you liked this article and if you want to flash a custom ROM on your smartphone then check out your device and select the best custom ROM available for your device.

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