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How To Download And Install TWRP Recovery On Motorola Moto X4


If you are here, that’s means looking forwards look to Install TWRP Recovery. This is the destination for everything, and we are going to help you install TWRP recovery on the Motorola Moto X4.

For this, you need to install many things so you would not brick your smartphone, so we have step-by-step guidelines to help you with Installing TWRP recovery.

And to fulfil your demands from changing theme and icon pack across your overall device elements but for this, you need to unlock your device bootloader to Install TWRP Recovery on Motorola Moto X4.

Not to mention you can also use this method to unlock the Motorola Moto X4. So, today we will teach you “How to unlock the bootloader of Motorola Moto X4” in a very appropriate that party performed by beginners as well.

What is TWRP

TWRP Stands for Team Win Recovery Project. TWRP is an open-source software custom recovery image for Android devices. It provided a touchscreen-enabled interface that allows users to install third-party firmware and Root easy to Root smartphones and back up the current system, which often functions unsupported by stock recovery images. You can easily root and unroot devices.

Basic Pre-Requirements

  • Download and Install ADB Driver. Download Here
  • You should install the correct USB driver.
  • Not to mention, your device battery should charge above 60% for an interrupted process.
  • Ensure that you have a complete backup of your data without root, so in case something goes wrong, you have a full backup to restore your device data.
  • Download TWRP Recovery

Unlock Bootloader on Motorola Moto X4

Before proceeding, you require to unlock your Motorola Moto X4 Bootloader if you don’t know how to perform it. If you don’t know how to unlock your device bootloader, you should follow our quick guide, which helps you Unlock the Bootloader of any Motorola device.

How to Install TWRP Recovery on Motorola Moto X4

  1. First, Download TWRP from the above link.
  2. Next, Download and install ADB and fastboot on your PC
  3. Switch Off your Smartphone
  4. Open your smartphone on Fastboot mode.
  5. Through power off your device and then hold the Volume Down + Power button
  6. Now, Open the ADB folder on your PC and Laptop.
  7. Press Shift+ Right Mouse Key and Click Command Prompt Here
  8. Type the Command Prompt type the Command
  9. adb Reboot Bootloader
  10. After That, Type Fastboot Devices
  11. Now, Fastboot Flash Recovery “TWRP filename.img” and Hit Enter.
  12. Now”Fastboot reboot” and Hit Enter.
  13. You have Successfully Installed TWRP Recovery on your smartphone.

Hopefully, we believe that this article remains helpful to you and that you have successfully Install TWRP Recovery. Thanks for being with us and sharing your more valuable opinion and feedback in the comment section below.

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