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Can iOS Be Ported For Android Smartphones


No. There hasn’t been any prosperous port of iOS for any Android phone yet, because it isn’t possible, as of now. Reason being the source codes. iOS, unlike Android, is proprietary or closed-source, and no-one has access to iOS source codes, except Apple themselves.

Because it is proprietary, even if there’s a prosperous port (someday, somehow, just imagine), it would be straightaway illegal, and Apple would file a lawsuit against whosoever ports it. This is why there’s no iOS ROM for Android.

But, this can’t be the end of the world, because there are plenty of custom ROMs that are skinned and stylized to look and feel like iOS. Even if such a ROM isn’t available for your device, you can use apps, launchers, and icon packs to make your Android phone’s UI look pretty much like like iOS. There are detailed tutorials for these, so make sure to have a look in case you’re into that stuff.

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