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8 Best Security Camera Apps for Android in 2021


In this modern world, security has become an important factor. Many of us wish to get a home surveillance system. These days, you can get those or simply use existing gadgets as Security Cameras with these Best Security Camera Apps for Android in 2021. Having a Security Camera is one of the hurdles and viewing the recorded content is another hurdle. There are a lot of security camera apps on the play store to help with this. These apps allow you to view the feed in real-time or even later.

Best Security Camera Apps for Android

The apps we mention in this list would be of two types. The former one is an official standalone app and the latter being a third-party app for anyone to use. The Security Camera Apps mentioned in this list are easily available to download on the Play store. You can download them from the link below too. Let us begin with the list of Best Security Camera Apps in 2021, shouldn’t we?



The Nest app is always the name of choice when it comes to home devices such as security cameras, thermostats, and so on. It is an app that controls the whole ecosystem of Nest Products.

The app has futuristic features like altering you when motion is detected within a set range. The app is simple to use as well. The Nest Security app allows you to add as many cameras as well as other appliances. However, you cannot any third-party appliances to this app.

Download Nest App for Android 


WardenCam: Best Security Camera Apps for Android

Do you have spare Android phones in your closet? If yes, then this Security App is for you. With WardenCam, you can convert your old android device into a security camera very easily. The app has motion detection and cloud-recording support as well.

This app is pretty useful if you want to track everyday activities like doorstep packages, monitor your baby, or fish tank fishes/pets. The app connects to your Google Account or Dropbox Account for Cloud-storage access. It works on 3G/4G/WiFi. All you need is an old device and a charger to keep it connected.

Download WardenCam App for Android 


Alfred: Best Security Camera Apps for Android

Next up we have the Security Camera App called Alfred. All the Batman fans got it right. It is named after Batman’s Butler. Just like WardenCam, this app allows you to transform your old smartphone into a security surveillance camera.

Alfred app is known for its easiness since it is easy to set up as well. Additionally, the app has other generic features like the ability to zoom, remote access. You can use the front and rear camera together to get a 360-degree view. However, remember that you have limited cloud storage. You can purchase additional storage through in-app purchases.

Download Alfred App for Android 

Security Camera NZ

Security NZ

The next app on our list is Security Camera NZ. It is again similar to other apps with an additional feature. It features 2-way talkback i.e. like a walkie-talkie. With this app, you can use the motion detection feature too. The app is more secured due to its Siren feature. You can turn it on from settings and it would alert you with sound.

Additionally, you get all the basic features such as storage, rear or front camera choice, and much more. The app is stable to use uninterrupted.

Download Security Camera NZ App for Android 

AtHome Camera

AtHome CameraThis app is like the camera on the Pixel phone, full of technology. The app has features like face detection allowing it to recognize people. Once recognized, it can notify you with a gif about moments. This Security Camera App is one of the best as it has deep learning and artificial intelligence for face recognition.

Other traditional features such as live-streaming, cloud support, etc are included. Just like the earlier app, this app has 2-way communication too. For Power users, this app can run in the background mode and auto-launch at start-up too.

Download AtHome Camera App for Android 



The Hik-Connect app is a standalone app to work with Hik-Vision Cameras and other gadgets just like Nest. If you have Hik-Vision gadgets, this app would be your go-to choice.

With the hardware, you get enterprise cloud-storage and app fingerprint support. It is an app that allows you to create an ecosystem of your Hik-Vision gadgets. You cannot add any other cameras other than their own cameras.

Download Hik-Connect App for Android

 Lexis Cam

Just like other apps on the list, this app also allows you to reuse your old device. It’s highlighting feature is Motion Detection. There is no requirement to have a subscription or any monthly charges. For Live Streaming, it uses DropBox Streaming Servers. There is also the ability to watch videos on the Client or DropBox App.

According to the app details, there is a timer function as well. It also has detection for Baby Phone. You can also create and join multiple cameras by using multiple old smartphones.

Download Lexis Cam App for Android

Home Security Camera

Home Security Camera

This app is just like other apps that allow you to use your existing phone. The features include:

  • 2-way communication
  • Better & Optimized Motion Detector
  • Alarm Trigger with selected Motion
  • False Trigger Detection due to better technology and algorithms
  • Protects your home from intruders

Download Home Security Camera App for Android 

Camy Live Video Monitoring 

Camy: Best Security Camera Apps for Android

The last app on our list is Camy. It turns your old phone into a live-streaming video surveillance system. It has the ability to connect to multiple cameras too. Video Recording and everything is supported too.

Night Mode on this app makes it easier for surveillance during the night. Other features such as motion detection, screen off, remote flashlight, etc are available on the Security Camera App too. The app is the easiest app to use. Just install and basic setup is all you need, No need to tinker around much.

Download Camy Live Video Monitoring App for Android 

Conclusion for Best Security Camera Apps for Android 

Thus, this was our list of the Best Security Camera Apps for Android in 2021. We will keep updating the list once we find more. Each app has its own unique features as we have mentioned with good user reviews. You can choose your Best Security Camera Apps for Android according to your need and required features. These Security Camera Apps would help you to monitor your home from anywhere thereby, allowing you to enjoy the world tension-free.

Which Security Camera would you use for your Home? Let us know your choice in the comments below. We hope you liked our Best Security Camera Apps for Android.

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