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Top 10 Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 | 2021


Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Since its advent in 2017, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been one of the bestselling flagship phones of Samsung. 2 years later, the phone is still standing strong, but people are not really content with the software part of it. Samsung Experience interface is worn out to the extent that even the manufacturers were forced to roll out new OneUI, which Note 8 users are only beginning to receive. Even then, there is a lot more one might wish for. Samsung inherently allows very minimal customizations in the interface, and most of the time you are stuck with what you have.

This can easily change with a custom mod. With custom ROMs, you can have the freedom to tweak the interface and even the OS any way you like. You can even get features previously unavailable on the phone. Let’s take a look at some of the best custom ROMs for Galaxy Note 8 in 2021.

Relevant Guides for ROM installation

  1. How to Flash TWRP recovery using Odin
  2. Also, How to install Gapps on your Android device
  3. How to install a custom ROM via TWRP recovery

Important Notes

  1. Make sure to have a complete backup of your device before proceeding.
  2. Make sure that your device is fully charged when you are attempting a ROM installation.
  3. Please be patient when you are installing custom ROMs. Few ROMs can take up to 30 mins for installation. Any unnecessary action can cause the hard bricking of your device.

List of Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Lineage OS


The legacy of now-discontinued CyanogenMod is a bounty that keeps giving. Without a shred of doubt, Lineage OS is the most popular choice of custom mods today, thanks to its vast community. Galaxy Note 8 is no exception.
As you might be aware, Lineage OS has a base of its own, thus you might find an interface that doesn’t remotely resemble that Samsung Experience interface you might be currently using. The latest version comes with a remodeled notification panel, along with quick settings that are easily customizable. Specific utility features include a double-tapping power button to start the camera, an additional 100 emojis, multi-window support, expandable notifications, and a data saver app. On the flip side, there is no inherent support for the S-Pen, and you would need to install an additional switch for that.

Download LineageOS 16.0 for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Download LineageOS 17.1 for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Light ROM

LigthROM is always the first choice of those who are looking for light-weight custom mods, and somehow the developers never disappoint. For Galaxy Note 8 LightROM provides an S9 Port which is heavily debloated and stands at well under 1GB in size. The custom mod has an arsenal of utilities including Odexed and Zipaligned, CSC support, Magisk root, and custom kernels in the AROMA installer. It also provides a number of sound and camera mods. Most bugs are fixed in regular updates, though the Samsung Intelligent Scan feature seems to presently not work properly.

Download LightROM S9 Port for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Download LightROM S9 Port for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 [Latest]

Evolution X ROM

Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy Note 8

Evolution X is an aftermarket firmware based on the Android Open Source Project. This is analogous to the Havoc OS. This ROM packs in features such as custom themes, notification customizations, Gestures, and other miscellaneous things which are mentioned in the link below.

Also, the other great thing about this ROM is the frequent updates. You need to try this ROM with Havoc OS and see which one is better for you!

Download Evolution X ROM for Galaxy Note 8

Download Evolution X ROM for Galaxy Note 8 [Latest]


Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy Note 8

The next ROM on the list is CRDroid. It is based on Android 9 and is quite popular due to its stability. CrDroid ROM for Galaxy Note 8 is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android and also attempting to bring many of the best features existent today.

It has various features, such as quick settings customization, lock-screen, status bar, buttons, and UI Theming. It also includes other CrDroid features. More features of this ROM for Galaxy Note 8 would be found on XDA.

Download CrDroid ROM for Galaxy Note 8 [Android 9]

Resurrection Remix

Image result for resurrection remix logo

Another popular choice for custom mods, Resurrection Remix has launched the latest custom mod for Galaxy Note 8 based on Android 10. Built upon the AOSP source code, the mod provides many of the features of stock android you might want on Pixel devices running on Android 10. Some of these features are Picture-in-Picture, advanced Copy-Paste function, notification dots on app icons, and compatibility for Android Instant App. The USP for Resurrection Remix is its unique blend of multiple source codes like Lineage, AOSP, and Slim, thus taking the best of each base and building a heavily customizable and optimized mod.

Download Resurrection Remix (GreatLTE) for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Download Resurrection Remix (XDA) for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Deluxe ROM

The one word to define DeluxeROM might be “customization”. The custom mod comes with DeluxeROMControl, which allows users heavy customizations in the interface. But even if you are not a fan of customizations, the mod still comes packed with a host of other features. It has AROMA installer, 1000+ pre-installed fonts, patched Theme store, native AppLock, screenshots enabled even on secure apps, digital signature verification, fingerprint unlock even after the reboot, and outdoor mode on settings. The custom mod is heavily debloated and deKnoxed. There is also a WireGuard integration that could block ads system-wide.

Download DeluxeBase v14.1 for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

DevBase v6.0

DevBase is a custom mod that is specially tailored for Galaxy phones. The v6.0 is completely based on Galaxy Note 8 base ROM. So, all the essential features of Note 8 are present, without any of the bloatware. Being entirely based on Note 8 ROM, it does not have the flaws present in other custom mod source codes like Lineage.

The mod comes pre-rooted with Magisk 18.0, so rooting is not a requirement and most apps that root-check should work fine on it. Other features include Odexed, multi CSC OXM (like sending/receiving MMS without data, call block option upfront, etc.), additional AppLock function, etc. The custom mod also removed KNOX related content and saves complete stock Android appearance. It also supports Encryption.

Download DevBase v6.0 for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 

Taimen Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience ROM has a separate fan base, but Taimen exceeds even those expectations. The custom mod is a heavily debloated version based on the original Pixel AOSP. The latest version takes heavily from Pixel 2XL, which is based on Android Pie. The ROM comes with almost all apps native to Pixel 2XL and removes all Samsung native apps. It could be said that Taimen gives a direct port from Galaxy to Pixel.
Other interesting features of the custom mod include Pixel 2XL arsenal (widgets, live wallpapers, and animation), built-in Setup Wizard (from AOSP), AOSP lock screen, Android P launcher native to Pixel, SuperSU for rooting, HDR+ supported Google Camera, and Pixel Boot Animation.

Download Taimen 2.0 for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Havoc OS

Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy Note 8

So, the next ROM on the list is Havoc OS. The ROM is pretty good with the aim of keeping things simple, clean, and neat as it is based on AOSP and inspired by Pixel. They quote the added features as “All you can dream, and all you’ll ever need.” The performance of the ROM, as mentioned, is decent too. It features Material Design 2.0.

Also, Havoc OS packs in a ton of features such as Gaming/ Reading Mode, Animation Customizations, Tile Shortcuts, Compass, Ambient Display, and much more. There are two versions available. One is Android Pie and another is Android 10 Beta. You can choose the one according to your needs.

Download Havoc OS for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Download Havoc OS for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 [Android 10]

Dr. Ketan’s ROM

A lesser-known name among enthusiasts, Dr. Ketan’s ROM found its place on the list due to the sheer features it provides. Made by a single developer, the custom mods usually focus on interesting tweaks on the base ROM; Galaxy Note is no exception. The custom mod for Note 8 is based on Android Pie. It is heavily debloated, de-Knoxed, comes with DEX support. It also has in-built ROM tools, and ROM Controls to modify not only UI features but system-wide features. Other features of the custom mod include 60 FPS camera recording, Dolby sound mod, and dual messenger for all apps. High Volume warning is disabled, Samsung Pay via Gear is enabled and screenshots even insecure apps are enabled.

Download Dr. Ketan’s ROM N950F_DS_N for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Thus, these were some of the best ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in 2021. Each of them has something special to offer, and you will always find the one that suits your needs perfectly. However, many of them are not updated to the latest version of Android.

We will add more ROMs in the future and keep the list updated. If you have any doubts you can comment below!

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