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Best Custom ROM for Nexus 6P

Huawei had the awesome year 2015 with some successful devices that were appreciated and praised by tech lovers. Huawei launched Nexus 6P which was a top notch Android Nexus device. Beside that Huawei Honor 7 and Mate S were some great devices that have good build quality and features. Nexus 6P was powered by Snapdragon

Best custom ROM for Google Nexus 6

Motorola has done pretty well with their devices last year and this year they are back again with lots of devices at different price range. The most looked after phones are Motorola X Play and Motorola X Style. Motorola launched its Google Nexus 6 in October 2014, following the success of its predecessors: the Galaxy

Best Custom ROM For Google Nexus 5

LG launched its Google Nexus 5 in October 2013, following the success of its predecessors: the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4. A new Nexus flagship device was added to the market with manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG. Even after two years of its release, it is a powerful device loaded with features to