Best custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 users must be searching for Best custom ROM available for their devices as the Samsung default firmware is buggy and sluggish. Galaxy S7 delivers deliver the top specs with par build quality but the firmware is full of bloatwares and bugs. People are already complaining about the Audio Crackling and distortion, unresponsive black screen, Wi-Fi does not connects keeps sleeping, Camera app crashing and few other issues. Samsung Galaxy S7 is a great phone and over all flagship device package considering the Camera quality in low light with super-fast focus, Edge screen, water resistance and battery life. They have improved the TouchWiz UI but it is still cluttered for some users, It gets sluggish after few days of user and if you are fan of stock Android like snappy interface you would get frustrated with Touchwiz really soon.

Best custom ROM for samsung Galaxy S7

Right now, there are not much custom ROMs available for Samsung Galaxy S7 but we tested few and picked the 2 Best custom ROM for Galaxy S7.

Best Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S7


SuperMan ROM for Galaxy S7: SuperMan ROM is based on Stock Marshmallow firmware but developer has tweaked the ROM, added many functionalities and removed bloatwares. Xposed, busybox and Adblocker are preinstalled and activated. The ROM support full edge features, iOS emojis and ADB. The ROM works on Galaxy S7 international and Dual Sim versions. You need to be on G930FXXU1APEQ bootloader and G930FXXU1APEQ modem to install this ROM. Flash the latest TWRP recovery available for your device and install the ROM. Aroma installer will guide you through ROM installation and you will be able to customize the ROM while it installs. The ROM is deodexed and zipaligned so it may take a bit longer to boot [upto 15 minutes] but it will work smoothly later. With all these to offer SuperMan ROM is the best ROM available for Galaxy S7 right now.

SuperMan-Rom for Samsung Galaxy S7 - Best Custom ROM

Download Superman ROM for Samsung S7


OnTheEdge ROM for Samsung Galaxy S7: OnTheEdge claims that it’s the smallest Touchwiz ROM, which is right for now. It is only 1.15GB and based on stock Marshmallow Android Samsung touchwiz firmware which is fully Debloated and Deodexed. The ROM is stable and working great on Galaxy S7, almost all non-required apps have been removed and you will get almost 3X or 5X performance than Stock. Most of the minor bugs have been fixed as ROM matured to its 4Th version [Currently v4.0.1]. The ROM is rooted, SuperSU and Busybox are preinstalled.

OnTheEdge ROM for Samsung Galaxy S7 - Best Custom ROM

Download OnTheEdge Rom for Galaxy S7

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