Best Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ [Plus]

Samsung has done pretty fine with their Galaxy S6 Edge devices last year. They launched 3 variations of Galaxy S6 [one of their most selling Android phone line up] – Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge plus. There were some 6-months gaps between the launching of the 2 Edge series device. Both the phones have similar features with some minor upgrades with S6 Edge+. S6 Edge Plus had a larger screen, bigger battery, more RAM. Samsung Edge Plus was loved for lots of features like heart beat sensor, Fingerprint sensor, Ultra HD video recording, 4 GB RAM for multitasking and the Edge UI was marvelous.

People are rooting their Galaxy S6 Edge+ to install custom ROM and have a refreshing experience of the device. People get bored by the TouchWiz UI provided by Samsung, and wanted to try stock ROM or other tweaked Touch Wiz based ROMs. Samsung has recently released an Android 6.0 Marshmallow update in beta stage for few users on Galaxy S6 Edge plus.

Best custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Best Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus:

Audax Plus ROM for Galaxy S6 Edge+: This is one of the most feature rich ROM made for S6 Edge+ with a custom Kernel which gives many advantages. The ROM is based on Official Samsung firmware, but has a custom kernel and other tweaks that surely brings in a great user experience. The developers have fully deodexed and zipaligned the apps, Sqlite optimized, rooted, Knox removed, optimized init.d and Build.prop. With Aroma installer, you get many options while installing the ROM, you can select which bloatware to install, enable Language, Wipe data cache Dalvik cache options, multi-CSC. Beside that many UI features have been tweaked to give the whole system a great look and customizable options. There are lots of controls neatly placed in settings to control different aspects. You can also choose for Xposed framework to modify it further, most of the bugs are fixed now and this is one of the most stable custom ROM available for Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

AudaX ROM Details and Download

Fast and Famous ROM: If you are looking for anything that is stripped down for a faster performance than the F&F ROM for Galaxy S6 edge plus is a great option. The ROM is based on Stock Edge + firmware and is fully deodexed, zipaligned, debloated and rooted. The ROM uses Audax 1.8 Kernel which makes it work smoothers and manages the performance and battery well. There are lots of customization and tweaks.

F&F ROM details and download


Ditto Note 5 ROM for Galax S6 Edge Plus: Electron Team has released the Android 5.1.1 Stock ROM based Ditto Note 5 ROM for Edge + users. The ROM has Note 5 features working even with fingers, beside that the ROM is fully Deodexed and rooted. There are few minor bugs but still all the things are mostly usable.

Ditto 5 ROM for Galaxy S6 Edge+

We will regularly update this page, with the new custom ROMs. Stay tuned with us.

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