Best Custom ROM for OnePlus One

One Plus one was touted as “Flagship Killer” when it was launched in 2014. It was packed with almost all the top notch features at that time. From an LTPS IPS full HD screen to Snapdragon 801 Chipset and 3GB RAM. It attracted a lot of attention and made a dent on the high-end phone sales because it was offering competitive feature at almost half the price. It was great offering because of the top-notch features, big battery, Cyanogenmod [stock Android] and price. People are still using One Plus one happily, few have even upgraded to OnePlus 2. The company has recently updated both the devices to latest CyanogenMod 13 that was a Marshmallow update.

It’s cool to have a device with a great camera and performance with Stock Android. To unleash the beast within this device, many people have rooted the device and opted to mod the device using custom ROMs. There are some great custom ROMs and Custom Kernel available for OnePlus One and we will discuss them.

Best Custom ROM for One Plus One

OnePlus One Pros and Cons:


  • Great value for Money
  • Flagship like hardware still much cheaper
  • Great display
  • Premium hardware and camera performance



  • No SD card expandability
  • Huge size

Best Custom ROM for OnePlus One

SlimSaber ROM for OnePlus One: If you are searching for a more stripped down version of stock ROM that can save more space and memory for your other uses then Slimsaber is a great ROM. It runs on Slim Android 6.0 Marshmallow and does not have any lag. But there is some minor issue with NFC and 3G Switch, but it’s limited to few users only. It’s easy to install, you need to have an unlocked bootloader and custom recovery. You can install the ROM using custom recovery, if you already have a Slimsaber build then just flash the new version.

SlimSaber Details and Download

CrDroid Android Marshmallow ROM: They are a well known developer and now they have come up with a new update Marshmallow ROM for OnePlus One. CrDroid ROMs features lots of customization options and tweaks that will enhance device battery and performance. You will get multiple slimROM option and slim pie controls as well.

CrDroid for OnePlus One

Nuclear ROM with Radioactive kernel: Nuclear ROM is based on CyanogenMod 13 but has more customization option besides that developer have also packed a Radioactive custom build kernel that can enhance memory and processor management thus enhancing the overall performance of the device. There are lots of customization packed with Nuclear ROM. You will get a well laid nuclear setting to control different options like system animations, greetings, timeout, status bar, gestures, Navigation toggles, and custom hardware buttons.

Other features:

  • Custom Volume uplink
  • Nuclear wallpaper
  • Maxx Audio
  • Kernel controller selection between Synapse and Adiutor
  • Status bars quick pulldown
  • Nuclear status logo and colors
  • Slim recent
  • SlimPie 3.0

Nuclear ROM and Radioactive kernel for OnePlus One

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