Best Custom ROM for Moto G 2015 (3RD Gen)

Motorola has been producing great devices in the budget price range. The Moto E and Moto G clicked Indian market and got a good response because of affordable pricing and stock Android experience. Moto G 3rd Gen was launched at the end of 2nd Quarter of 2015, it was powered by a Snapdragon 410 Quad Core 1.4Ghz Processor paired with Adreno 306 GPU. With 2GB RAM and 8GB Storage, it handled and stock Android and basic operations very well. It performed well with multitasking but when it comes to Gaming then you will feel the frame drops. It featured a 13MP camera which clicked great pictures in daylight but in low light, you will experience distortion on images. Stock Android gave users great flexibility but still people who were looking for more rooted the device and explored in the Galaxy of custom ROMs. We are here with the best custom firmware available for Moto E 3rd Gen 2015

Best Custom ROM for Moto G 3rd Gen 2015

Best Custom ROM for Moto G 3rd Gen 2015

CyanogenMod 12.1 ROM- CyanogenMod is a free community-built software of Android 5.0 Lollipop, whose main aim is to increase the performance and stability of your device over the stock Android. It is an unofficial ROM based on AOSP and CM. It can be used without installing any Google application.  You are required here to provide your own Google application package (Gapps). CyanogenMod gives you more access or control over your device.

CyanogenMod 12.1 ROM supports most of the Android devices and is considered one of the best ROM for customization and increasing the speed of our Android devices. It offers many features, enhancements, and customization which we cannot get in the stock ROM. It has a simple user interface. It is de-bloated and comes with BSOD Killer which fixes the bug that sometimes occur after a system crash. You can check the RAM status and set the CPU/GPU frequencies. It enhances the battery life of the device, has performance modes and supports power saver mode.

Features of CM 12.1 ROM:

  • Live Display
  • Ambient Display
  • LCD Density
  • Notification Manager
  • Lockscreen visualize
  • Gestures anywhere
  • Pre-rooted
  • OTA Updates
  • CM Theme Engine
  • Privacy Guard
  • Supports multi-language
  • Audio FX

Download: CyanogenMod 12.1 ROM for Moto G (2nd Gen)


Resurrection Remix ROM- Resurrection Remix ROM makes the Android experience truly wonderful. It includes many features from different ROMs, which are hand-picked and packed into a single ROM. It is based on Google, CyanogenMod, Omni, AOKP, Paranoid Android and Slim ROMs. It will give the best performance with lots of customization options. It is based on the Android v6.0 Marshmallow. It is compatible with most devices. Resurrection Remix ROM is open-sourced which means anyone can contribute towards its development. It is a stable ROM and consumes less battery.

resurrection-remix-rom for Moto G 3rd Gen

Features of Resurrection Remix ROM:

  • Personalizations
  • Dark Theme
  • Heads Up Notifications
  • Interface customizations
  • OTA Updates
  • Navigation bar customization
  • Brightness slider
  • Battery bar customization
  • Quick toggles
  • Add shortcuts
  • Animations
  • Gestures
  • All CM 12 features
  • Many more.

Download: Resurrection Remix ROM for Moto G3


Dominion OS ROM- Dominion ROM is based on CyanogenMod and Android v6.0.1 Marshmallow. Dominion OS represents control over the system functionality. It is heavily debloated, pre-rooted, deodexed and zipaligned. It includes Nova Launcher and Trebuchet Launcher. A new feature has been added, the built-in L Speed. The updates are made over the air. It includes performance tweaks which give you a fast and highly responsive performance which is user defined, when compared to stock ROM. All this with less battery consumption. It includes the enhanced UBER 4.9, volume control and shows battery status history can be checked which offers the option of being resetting.

Features of Dominion ROM:

  • BusyBox
  • Knox is removed
  • External SD tweaks
  • Mount file system
  • ShadowLED
  • OTA Updates
  • Immersive Recent
  • Many more.

Details and Download: Dominion ROM for Moto G3


crDroid ROM- crDroid is based on AOSP, CyanogenMod and has the best-customized features over the usual stock ROM. it improves the performance and stability of the device. It is small in size about 276 MB which makes it light-weighted and includes features of Android v6.0 Marshmallow such as the Doze feature which turns out to be a power-saver, the new security feature, the new boot system and other added features of crDroid to give you a reliable user experience. crDroid is one ROM which has all the features of AOSPA, OmniRom, Slim ROMs and other ROMs. It brings forth battery saver improvements.

Features of crDroid ROM:

  • Slim recent panel
  • Clear recent location
  • Slim ROMs Heads up
  • Slim ROMs lock screen shortcuts
  • SlimPie control options
  • SlimDim
  • CAF Task Manager
  • IME Advanced Settings
  • Swipe feature
  • Superuser indicator
  • Ad blocker
  • Power menu and notification tiles
  • Ticker notifications
  • Navbar on/off
  • Blacklist
  • Do not disturb
  • Ambient display
  • SELunix switch
  • Many more.

Download: crDroid ROM


How to install a Custom ROM in Moto G (3rd Gen):

Step 1. Download the ROM .zip file and copy it to micro-SD card

Step 2. Turn off the device and enter into recovery menu.

Step 3. Perform a full wipe and factory reset.

Step 4. Select to install the ROM .zip file from SD card in your Moto G phone.

Step 5. After installation reboot the device.

Step 6. It will take certain time in the booting process.

NOTE: The installation procedure is same for all custom ROMs.


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