Best Custom ROM for AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 5

AT&T and Verizon Galaxy Note 5 has not been rooted yet, so there is no custom ROM available for them. But you can find best custom ROM for T-Mobile and Sprint Galaxy Note 5. Samsung is losing market to Lenovo, Xiomi, Huawei and Asus in the mid-range priced phone segment. Lenovo and Asus are aggressively launching phones that are targeted to the different type of users. For eg recently both Asus and Lenovo launched devices with 5000mAh battery to target the users who want to use their phone throughout the day without any charging hassle. Samsung has tried to catch with them with Galaxy A7 and On7, but has not achieved much success. The phone Samsung designed well and appreciated are the top notch devices, Galaxy Note 5, Note Edge and Galaxy S6. Note 5 and Note Edge were the devices with the best experienced and every tech reviewer praised them.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a premium Android phone or Phablet with multiple features. It’s a power horse when it comes to power it delivers. You will get an Octa Core processor with Exynos 7420 Chipset backed by a 4GB RAM. The phone is built for multi-taskers and gamers, it’s a great delight for graphic artists and professionals to have this device as a companion. The camera was one of the best on the Smartphones capable of Ultra HD video recording. Samsung has improved the TouchWiz UI for Galaxy Note series but still it sucks. People need more power and they are switching toward slim ROMs that are light and snappy. We are here to discuss the best custom ROMs available for Galaxy 5 LTE models.

Best custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 LTE AT&T - Verizon- T Mobile - Sprint

Best Custom ROM for Verizon Galaxy Note 5:

No ROM available as of now


Best Custom ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note 5:

No ROM available as of Now


Best Custom ROM for Sprint Galaxy Note 5:

Marshmallow Stock Deodexed ROM for Sprint Note 5: Based on latest Marshmallow firmware, this ROM is fully rooted and Deodexed. Busybox comes preinstalled and knox has been removed. Hotspot is enabled so you can share your internet without extra charges. Netflix and screen mirroring has been fixed. There is a Galaxy Note 5 Android M debloat tool available separately on the link that you can use to remove all bloatware from the ROM and you will get a slim fast experience.

Sprint Galaxy Note 5 Deodexed Marshmallow ROM

TW Slim ROM: If you are looking for a Deodexed ROM but still want to use TouchWiz then this TWslim ROM is great for you. The developer has just rooted the package and installed Xposed Framework and few other tweaks. But S-Pen Special features are not working on this ROM.

Download TWSLim ROM for Galaxy Note 5 [Sprint]

MOAR ROM: Mother of all ROMs, well it’s the name of the ROM which is feature packed. It’s one of the most feature rich ROM available for Galaxy Note LTE. It’s based on the Stock Sprint 5.1.1 Lollipop ROM, packed with mods and tweaked. The ROM is deodexed optimized and debloated. You will get much better performance and battery life on this ROM.

MOAR ROM - Best custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Sprint


Some features:

  • Mod Control with a ton of different mods!
  • Deodexed // Optimized and debloated apks & jars
  • prop, battery, and CSC tweaks // Smooth as silk performance
  • All apps enabled for Multiwindow // All apps NATIVELY enabled!
  • Tons of unlocked settings // AppOps permission manager, blocking mode, etc.
  • Protected features.xml from Xposed writes
  • Custom rotation toggles
  • Custom status bar backgrounds
  • Custom quick panel toggle colors
  • Custom quick panel view settings
  • Samsung Keyboard long press mod – selectable values
  • Dual color volume slider changed to stock when headset plugged in


Moar ROM for Sprint Galaxy Note 5

Best Custom ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5:

Hyperdrive ROM: This is a very detailed and feature rich ROM for Galaxy Note 5. There are lots of customizable options that can be tweaked to get multiple interfaces and settings. Based on Android 5.1.1 Touchwiz base firmware, its CSC fully modded and Knox free. The best thing is that the tethering options are unlocked, now you can tether over Wi-FI or Bluetooth without any restrictions. All apps are enabled on multi-window, beside that developer have also built a Galaxy S6 edge like screen features.

Hyperdrive ROM details and Download

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